Deaths of Jocasta by J.M. Redmann (Micky Knight Series 02)

Once again, I’ve to say that Micky Knight’s Series by J.M. Redmann is not the typical lesbian romance novel, and if Death by the Riverside wasn’t, Deaths of Jocasta is less. Simply because the author introduces us more and more in the difficult life of the characters, getting a deep sight of the consequences of abuse on kids, when who was supposed to take care of them failed.

It’s difficult for me to forget the classic romantic novel where the main characters have to end up together, and it’s more difficult for me to understand that, while being in love with someone, a person sleeps with someone else or her partner agrees because knows that the one she loves need it, need some kind of comprehension that she can’t give, but J. M. Redmann elaborates a web so thick that you finish understanding that and so much more.

A delightful book where human nature is thoroughly analyzed and developed, where the characters are so vivid and realistic that you live with them among their problems, their memories and their ghosts, and you want them to be happy. And yes, sometimes you don’t understand their behavior but it happens all the time in real life, doesn’t it?