Death by the Riverside by J.M. Redmann (Micky Knight Series 01)

What a good book! I’m looking forward to read the next one in Micky Knight Series. In Death by the Riverside by J. M. Redmann you won’t find the typical lesbian romance novel where the main character copes with her problems like a lady, without getting in trouble. Nop, Micky is anything but a mature woman, a hero, an angel or a person who knows exactly where she is going.

She has a past, a hard one, and memories and ghosts that don’t let her live her life. She drinks to oblivion and it looks like she loves to fight instead of talking, something that gets her friends nut.
And, as a private investigator, she is in trouble in almost each page, solving them with a personal style that will make laugh and read with trepidant rythm.

But don’t go before give it a try because in this wonderful book where humor, action, great characters and sex combine perfectly, you’ll find love too. Because Micky not only has to face dangers and fantastic scenes where you’ll laugh or feel anguish, she has to fight against a woman who keep running away from her, a woman who has her own secrets, doubts and fears, sometimes greater than Micky’s.

In conclusion, J. M. Readmann, this is one of the best books I’ve read although I’m not a huge fan of thrillers. Highly recommended if you want a change of pace and a lot of ironic humor.