Damaged in Service by Barrett

It’s turn for Damaged in Service by Barrett, a lesbian romance novel which tells the story of Zeke Cabot, and FBI agent with psychological and physical scars, and Anne Reynolds, a straight woman recently divorced who’s trying to live after her husband destroyed her life and their marriage.

This is, more or less, what the summary said about the book when I found it and it sound good. I love drama, difficult situations and the consequences, either visible or not, that change the life of a person, bringing fears and insecurities that the characters have to work with to found happiness, because life is full of it and there’s nothing more real in a fiction novel.

But when I finished Damaged in Service, the first part of a two-book story, I didn’t find the moving book that I was looking for, not in the way as Battle Scars by Meghan O’Brien did when I read it. Why? Because for me it was all too fast and not deep enough. Zeke and Anne met when the FBI agent is on holidays and there is certain spark between them but there are doubts too, from both of them, and I thought that the author would develop the difficult situations that the characters were living but it didn’t happen. In a determined moment they’re total strangers and then, magic, they’re lovers. I can’t pinpoint what was missing. Zeke’s psychological problems didn’t caught me, I wasn’t able to sympathize with her, not the way I wanted, and with Anne happened the same. I lost interest in their story after mid book and the promise of a second part it’s not strong enough to read it. Maybe I was looking for something else in a character that suffers for PTSD and a woman who has lived difficult situations because of love.