Crossroads by Radclyffe

A good lesbian romance novel, perfect for a Sunday evening, is what you’ll find in Crossroads by Radclyffe. As always, when you read a book of her, you read about deep characters with a past that don’t let them live.

On one hand we have Hollis, a successful doctor with a great lost in her past. And, on the other side, we have Annie, who had to fight to get what she wanted in life after her family and lover let her all alone. These two met in not the best situation and that marked their relationship along the book.

The story is sweet and develops with its own rythm, which means that they take their time to discover that they need each other and that love is more important that fear and loss. And of course, we had hot scenes to enjoy.

As usual, Radclyffe delights us with scenes of other characters from another of her books so it’s, as she said in the Acknowledgments part, like see part of the family again or when you catch up with old friends.