Certain Dark Things by Erica Abbott

Certain Dark Things by Erica Abbott is the sequel of Fragmentary Blue and, as the former, a fantastic lesbian novel where love and action are combined perfectly, giving as result a highly recommended book for those who want to read a thriller not necessarily focused on the genre.

The main characters, CJ and Alex, and their relationship are developed more thoroughly in the book. The IA officer and the captain have lived together for some time in the second book and the problems they have to face as a couple diverge from the ones of book one. Or not, because when one of Alex’s detectives is under an investigation by Internal Affairs for killing a man, the lines between job and love will tremble.

Alex is worried about her detective, a renegade called Chris whose life hasn’t been easy. Chris is like a lost child for Alex and the captain automatically takes her under her wing because she knows what is to face loneliness and an accusation that could ruin her entire life. The fact that CJ is who investigates about the case doesn’t make things easier, less when the main proof of Chris’s guilty disappear and the detective focuses her energy in seducing Alex.
What, at the beginning, is a mere intent from Chris evolves to a real problem for CJ and Alex, basically because the first one sees something that will crack her life and the captain is so worried about Chris’s future that doesn’t notice what’s really happening with her relationship with CJ until it’s too late.

As I said, a fantastic sequel which is even better than the first book, something that doesn’t usually happen. Why? Because, if in the first one, Fragmentary Blue, we could see how these two interesting characters are trying to construct a relationship, in Certain Dark Things they have to do something so much more difficult than fall in love, keep the relationship and trust alive between them despite the external threats like a sexy and dangerous detective who has not anything to lose, a jealous ex-husband and a boycott against him that will affect directly the women’s life and future as a couple.

If there’s a third part of the series, and it must because it’d be a shame not to, I’m looking forward reading it!