Calling the Dead by Ali Vali

If you’re looking for an excellent lesbian novel which combines thriller and love, don’t hesitate and give Ali Vali’s Calling the Dead a try because this is the typical book that makes you think you know who the assassin is at the mere beginning… to discover how wrong you were at the end.

The characters are well developed and there’s humor, fantastic dialogues, intrigue and hot scenes, all the ingredients to have a wonderful time with, in my opinion, one of the best writers of the genre.

Lieutenant Sept Savoie comes from a family were you’re a cop or you end marrying one, so the justice is in her blood. She has lost her sister and niece in the Katrina and is trying to go on with her life and forgiving the man who is, at her eyes, responsible of Noel and the little one’s deaths.

Keegan Blanchard is a chef and the heiress of a restaurant empire. She, her sister and her grandmother are trying to reconstruct business after the hurricane and the least she needs is a corpse at her restaurant.
They meet in an atypical way when Sept thinks that Keegan is suspected of murder and the first sparks surge between them. Is delightful watch these two and the beginning of their relationship because are mature woman who know where they go in life, or that’s what they think. Add to this their families and you’ll have scenes where the murder itself takes a second role in the story, a needed break from the main plot and the perfect description that Ali Vali makes of the situation after the hurricane.

Ali Vali mixes romance and thriller so beautifully, achieving the perfect balance between mystery and love so you won’t feel overwhelmed by none of them. And all that with the devastating image of what Katrina did to this people, the destruction behind a hurricane that leaves survivors and victims, people who have lost everything, not solely their material belongings but their loves ones. Plus, the magic of New Orleans, the mystery of Santeria and its gods, the suffering that can makes someone do the unthinkable… An excellent book from an excellent author!