But she’s my student by Kiki Archer

But she’s my student by Kiki Archer tell us the story of Kat, a gorgeous, smart and a little insecure History teacher who met someone special a certain night… to discover later that she’s her student. On the other side is Freya, a brilliant student who’s confused about her sexuality, a doubt that doesn’t last a lot because, of course, she met this wonderful woman, Kat.

I won’t give you more details, you’ll have to read this lesbian romance nvoel to know what happen with them, but I’ll give my opinion, of course. I think Kiki Archer could have developed the plot using the teacher-student dilemma in other way. Mostly because they spent almost the whole book dealing with the tension between them, the evident attraction, but don’t have enough contact to really know each other and fall in love, something that happen but I couldn’t understand how.

Nevertheless this, is a good book, perfect if you want to read and smile now and then with really good secondary characters as Lucy.