Blood Hunt by L.L. Raand (aka Radclyffe)

In Blood Hunt by L.L. Raand (aka Raclyffe), a supernatural lesbian romance, the story follows its course. We get a deep sight of Were and their lives and we get to see how Becca and Jody work with their not so friendly relationship to achieve some sort of agreement that will become love.

The same characters are there but the author introduces us new ones, bad and good guys who will make Sylvan and Drake’s life more difficult. Among them, Francesca and Michel caught my attention. We already know the first one, one of the most powerful vampires who’s an enigma herself because we don’t know exactly if she’s, as L.L Raand says, friend or foe. And there comes Mitchel, who, I assume, will have a book for herself with certain Were… or that’s what I think after reading the book. Michel has some sort of relationship with the beautiful vampire and through her we know more about Francesca.

Interesting book that gives us a new kind of paranormal romance, full of action, snarls and sex… and a big surprise at the end that made me ache for having the next book in my hands. I don’t know what couple is the lead character in the next book but I’ll discover it soon!