Bitterroot Queen by Jove Belle

Bitterroot Queen by Jove Belle is a lesbian romance about home, finding it even when you didn’t know you were looking for it; about the chances life gives you to change your path, about those changes that make you feel lighter, like you belong.
We find two main characters, Sam and Olly, and I can’t deny they surprised me, as did the crazy twist you will find later on the story which will have consequences and repercussions I would love to see how the Jove Belle deals with.

But let’s start from the beginning, with the characters. Good characters can make an ordinary story something superb or can ruin a very interesting plot because of their lack of deepness. To say I was more than pleased by Sam and Olly is an understandment and I might add they kept me hooked to the book until it was over.

I have a problem and it’s that, having read too many books – never enough -, I have this image in my mind about what I’m gonna find even before starting a book. Usually you have two equal “simple” characters who meet and fall in love, drama happens and then the happy ending comes. On other stories you have a very troubled character and a lighter one – less complicated if you preffer -, the last showing the former the way to happiness, bringing with them a huge amount of peace, love and understanding.
Bitterroot Queen has this too but I was beautifully surprised when the troubled character wasn’t Olly – or she was too but not that much- compared to Sam. When I read about Sam’s story and how she wanted to find a new place for her and Beth, her daughter, I thought she was the less troubled one, the one that would offer Olly a place for her to rest her soul, a place to call home, but then is Olly who brings light to Sam’s life and not vice versa, not only being able to fix what was done to the motel but adding something special to Sam’s relationship with Beth, patience and understanding where there was none.
Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Sam’s character but I felt she was more guarded than I expected, that I got to know her less than Olly. What Sam does bring to Olly’s life is the sense of home she has been looking for years, escaping as she has been from a very twisted mom and a life she doesn’t want to herself.

The process by which Bitterroot Queen becomes the small roadside motel Sam had in her mind when she first saw it, thanks to Olly and her amazing skills, is parallel to the path these two women walk to find their home, the place where a tired soul can rest and be in finally in peace. And then there comes the twist I’m not going to talk about because is for you to find out about it. The only thing I’m gonna say is that it surprised me crazily because of its boldness and I can’t wait to see how Jove Belle develops the story. There are more books about Bitterrrot Queen needed because if that twist isn’t a cliffhanger, I don’t know what it is… And we need to see more of Sam and Olly and how their relationship is gonna develop once they have accepted what they feel for each other.

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.