Better Than a Dream by Monica McCallan

Looking for unbelievable chemistry and steamy encounters that will leave you wanting for more desperately? Then don’t hesitate and read Better Than a Dream by Monica McCallan, an incredibly sexy story that will surprise you with its characters who are so much more than two women looking for a one-night stand with a stranger.

Gemma is independent, adventurous and a full-of-energy entrepreneur who, after panicking when her boyfriend asks her to marry him, is finally ready to accept she is a lesbian. From there, she is eager to face the changes in her new life, not scared of assuming and accepting who she is and willing to explore a new world which gates are opening for her. She is strong, determined, mature and brave and convinced that, once she has taken the hardest step which is saying out loud that she is a lesbian, she has to make the best of her new life.
Then we have Harper, successful, rich, sexy, experienced and open to enjoy as many women as she can. She knows how beautiful she is so seducing women and having short affairs is not new to her, having known she is a lesbian for years. What she hides behind that sexy and secure façade of a womanizer who jumps from bed to bed is an insecure woman hurt in the past by both her family and a lover who is terrified of opening her heart to the possibility of love.
The first encounter between Harper and Gemma is electrical and you can feel the sparks and the attraction, the deep connection they feel instantly and which lives through the whole story. It doesn’t take long for them to explore what can happen between them but how deep their relationship from there on will be depends on Harper and how willing she is to face her demons and show her true self, becoming that way exposed and vulnerable to Gemma.

The author not only creates an amazing chemistry between them that I have hardly found in other books but she keeps you hanging, waiting and needing another meeting to happen because you need for them to talk, to get to know each other and to accept what is so obvious for you as a reader but not as clear for them. The numerous situations where you want to yell for them to stop acting like teenagers and kiss are amazingly frustrating and engaging.
Sometimes an author tries to show an explosive chemistry between the characters and can’t make it happen, can’t bring the readers to really feel it, to see it, but Monica McCallan accomplishes it beautifully, coming up with a sizzling relationship so sexy and enthralling that makes you turn pages nonstop, wanting desperately for them to see each other again and get together, to be honest with each other and finally witness how their relationship evolves and develops, turning into something real and deep.

*I received an ARC edition in exchange for an honest review*