Because of Her by K.E. Payne

Because of Her by K.E. Payne is a story about youth love, changes, chances and accepting ourselves for what we are despite the consequences this will have in the way people look at us. Is a fresh, sweet and deep lesbian romance, but above all, it’s a story with a message.

Tabitha is angry with the world, with life’s injustices and mainly with her father because it’s his fault that she has to lose everything that’s important to her because he has an opportunity to have the job of his life. So it’s not odd for her to be a cranky teenager that thinks her whole world is going to collapse after moving to London and having to let her girlfriend Amy behind.
She’s lost in a new city adamantly different from what she’s known and, to make things worse, in a new school too posh for her to feel welcome. The only thing that saves her from the madness that is now her life is Libby, the typical girl that comes to you in the first day when you’re the new weird girl and makes your day adopting you as an abandoned puppy.
When she’s still struggling with the need to run to those things that are familiar to her, Eden appears and changes it all. Eden with her smiles, her sweetness, her shiny hair, her perfect eyes… and not so perfect friends that have a lot to say about Tabby and the relationship that is blossoming between her and the oh-so-perfect Eden.
There’s no a better reason to stay in a new place than the promise of a new love, specially when Tabitha has luck on her side and Eden seems to feel the same as her. But what happens when the girl of your dreams doesn’t see things as you do? What do you do if what she’s willing to do isn’t enough for you? These are only a few questions Tabitha will have to answer and cope with the consequences.

If I could use just one word to describe the book it’d be sweet, and this applies to the main character, the plot and the way K.E. Payne tells the story. I felt completely caught with Tabitha because she’s a down-to-earth, sensible and sensitive character. She’s not perfect, doesn’t look like a model; she’s just a girl with insecurities and fears who is violently taken away from what she’s known her entire life and has to face a big challenge.
Her development as character it’s excellent because the author is able to show perfectly every phase she’s going through since the moment we meet her; how her way of seeing things changes after living in a city like London, how she becomes this mature young lady who has to face something as difficult as accepting that things won’t work out with people from her past because she’s no longer the same. A person who will have to choose between being with someone at cost of denying herself or the possibility of loving deeply and fully.
What makes this book a very good one, an enjoyable and a must-read, is that its message could be applied in any moment of anybody’s life, despite your age, your situation or how lost you feel. “Change is definitely for the better” it’s not only true, is a lifesaver. Every change represents a window and sometimes just a glimpse of light can change everything. And the best is that, on most cases, you only have to take a little step, the key is being true to yourself.

In conclusion, a delightful book from K.E. Payne and a fantastic opportunity to have a great time. Looking forward reading more from her!

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