Andi Unwrapped by Riley Adair Garret

Andi Unwrapped by Riley Adair Garret is a lesbian romance book that tell us the story of a woman who’s brave enough to stop a situation that is destroying her as a person and find a new path in her life, her true identity without someone telling her who she is.

Andi is a thirty-nine housewife and mother who suffers abuse on a daily basis from her husband, hearing all the time how inappropriate she is as a woman, mother and wife. One day, Andi has had enough and decides to finish her marriage and pursue her dream, go to college. Having made up her mind, she divorces and starts a new life working part time to pay an apartment that she hates and make her dream come true.
But Andi won’t only start living anew, without the negative presence of her husband; she’ll begin a path of self discovering that will bring her to face her more intimate demons, the real consequences of the abuse she suffered and her desire for women, something that she hasn’t felt ready to acknowledge until the most amazing woman comes into her life.

Britt is on the opposite situation of Andi. She is a lesbian and she knows it, she has a job she loves and isn’t interested in anything too serious but flings that won’t jeopardize her career, so feel atracted to a student is the last thing she wants. As a fifty-years-old woman, she knows what she wants, and it’s not fall in love with a woman who doesn’t know for certain if she’s straight or not. As usual, what we want it’s not what we get.

Riley Adair Garret has described the characters in a interesting way because, having two mature women, you wouldn’t think that they’d act as teenagers but, for a moment, it’s what they do. Andi is trying to find herself after years of abuse that has left scars so deep that she isn’t aware of them, and having everyone around her asking if she’s a lesbian doesn’t help to solver her problems, less if they throw themselves at her all the time. And then there is Britt, the most interesting and beautiful woman Andi has ever met who confuses her with her attitude towards her.
Britt is utterly confused too because she feels an undeniable attraction for Andi but isn’t ready to accept that it could be love and what the possibility entails. Maybe that’s why she behaves like a ten-year-old around the student and why she isn’t able to say the right thing in the right moment if Andi is present.

Among their doubts, the fact that they’re teacher and student doesn’t make things any easier because it’s enough difficult to discover and accept this life-changing details without having the menace of the dean knowing about their affair. In this context, Lisbeth situation is like a closure to Andi because after what happened with her husband she is able to face it and take actions against her abuser.

A book about self discovering and how we’re never old enough to learn who we are, which is as difficult as to define ourselves again after years of thinking that we know exactly what we’re willing – or not – to do to get a chance in love. But mainly about loving ourselves, which means that we can’t let anybody hurt us and that we deserve and have to pursue our happiness.