Always Faithful by Isabella

If you like to read about the “Don’t ask. Don’t tell” consequences in a lesbian Major and how, Always Faithful by Isabella is a good book, and a good lesbian romance novel to curl up on the sofa with a blanket.

Nic Caldwell is a Major at the Military who has been through a terrible situation that not only gave her scars but horrible memories and a persistent thought, what she’s going to do with her life and why she was the only survivor among brave soldiers who deserved to live. She hasn’t the best of jobs after her injuries because she has to talk to the families that have lost a person at war. That’s the way Claire Monroe gets into the scene, she is the widow of a young pilot who recently died. A widow with a daughter and a secret that will turn Nic’s world upside down and open some doors, great possibilities, that the Major just can’t ignore.

I’m not going to say more because I want you to have something to read if you take the book but I’d like to say that it was a good one, a little bit cliché of course because they fell in love for each other quite fast (and a priest supporting a gay relationship is something that I’d want to see in real life) but with an interesting plot.

Not the book of my life, maybe not deep enough to catch me and make me feel the angst of the situation Nic lives or the consequences of what she chose in the past, but a good read about difficult decisions to make and how, at the end, we’re responsible of our life and what happens or not in it.