All the Little Moments by G Benson

Have you ever felt how your world is suddenly turned upside down in a mere second? And then the only thing you can do is see what’s left after the storm has passed, what can be saved and what is lost forever? This is exactly what you’ll find in All the little moments by G Benson, a beautiful story about how far are we willing to go for those we love even when we feel empty and devastated inside.

Anna is quite happy with her life. She loves her work, the city where she lives and her partner for three years, Hayley, who shares and respects her work-oriented life. But when a call from her mother while she is on holidays changes everything, her very existence, Anna will lose her brother and best friend, her sister in law and confident and her much loved routine and quiet life next to a workaholic as herself. And if the loss is not painful enough, Anna soon discovers that her brother Jake and his wife Sally thought in her as guardian of their children if something ever happened to them.
So, in a second, after a simple phone call, Anna will become the tutor of Ella, a three years old sweet girl, and Toby, a little toddler full of energy. Moreover, she will have to move to Sidney, a city she doesn’t exactly love, and will have to say goodbye to Hayley after she communicates Anna that a life with kids is not on her agenda. Is not on Anna’s agenda either but she can’t refuse to take care of their niece and nephew, not only because she loves them deeply, but because her brother’s last will and desire was for her to take care of them.
There is where the story begins, when I started to fall in love with this book. Not only because is different – far away from the typical romance story where girl meets girl, they fall in love in a second and have to go through some issues to have their happily ever after – but because it touched my very soul and twisted it a little bit (in an amazing way, of course). We all have been through that deep loss that breaks you inside, makes you want to curl in a ball and cry or sleep for days until the pain is gone, but knowing you can’t do it because there are people depending on you, trusting in you to be strong, and because life goes on. Then we have the true nature of any human being, how we love deeply but refuse to lose what we have, our life, even for people we love immensely. We can’t help to be selfish and want to keep what we have. We can’t keep ourselves to be angry with those who have abandoned us, and we feel betrayed even though, deeply inside, we know we aren’t being fair.

All these emotions are what we see in Anna, in her path to accept the heartbreaking loss of her loved ones and the life she has chosen for herself. Her struggle to adapt to the new and shocking situation, to accept it and behave how she is supposed to is amazingly well written, to the point I saw myself in her perfectly. I understood her perfectly and you know which path she will choose, as you know that it will take some time for her to get to that point.
The bond between the characters isn’t just sweet, is deep, moving and real. Anna and Ella’s moments are amazingly sweet and soulful, how she respects her niece and doesn’t treat her like a little kid from whom she has to hide the truth even in the most difficult moments. Then we have Anna’s relationship with her mother, how she feels responsible of keeping her family working even when she feels completely devastated. Add to the recipe amazing characters like Kym, that amazing friend we all need in our lower moments, and Lane, not only a love interest but a destiny’s wink to Anna in the middle of such storm…

Complex relationships, deep feelings and the amazing way G Benson writes and expresses the characters emotions are just a few reasons for you to give this amazing book a try. Keep them coming, G!