A matter of Trust by Radclyffe

Radclyffe reminds me of Nora Roberts because the more you read, the more you want and sometimes, in the middle of a lesbian romance novel, you think “It’s not that good” but you finish it and begin another one.
Having said that, lets begin with the review of “A matter of trust”, a Justices Series prequel by Radclyffe.

We have two main characters, Sloan and Michael, both succesfull and attractive and very confused. Sloan has a trust problem that comes from an ex lover and Michael is divorcing her husband.

There are three, if I must say, secondary characters too, Jason, Sarah and Jasmine (wink), and they add balance to our girls. Moreover, the author develops an interesting situation with Jason. I’ve to confess that it was difficult for me to understand it but was fascinating.

I have to say that it’s the typical Radcliffe’s story, with its strong characters, both with certain issues and bad experiences from the past, but it doesn’t seem to upset me because I’ve read almost all her books.
You will find passion, love, distrust, fears and the characteristic touch of this great writer who can tell you a story that is, at the same time, alike and totally different from others.