A Kiss Before Dawn by Laurie Salzler

Are you looking for a good lesbian novel with deep and loving characters and a bunch of crazy dogs? Well then, A Kiss Before Dawn by Laurie Salzler has it and so much more.

Let me introduce the characters first. We have Chris, a hermit whose human friends are limited to a couple of persons when the non-human friends, dogs and horses mainly, outnumber them, and Mary Jo also known as MJ.

Having lived a difficult childhood where violence was on daily basis, Chris is a woman who is happy working with the horses she takes care of, only accompanied by Cedar, Cagney and Sadie, her protectors and best friends. Among her human friends are Doc, the local veterinary, and Frances, and old woman who loves the lonely Chris as her own daughter.

New at town and working as the veterinary assistant until she gets her license to work on her own, Mary Jo Cavanaugh is sweet and intelligent but lacks of experience, which contributes to the not so good first encounter between she and the surly woman named Chris that Doc seems to love.

After that first difficult moment, MJ figures out quite promptly that Chris is like a scared horse and she has to approach little by little without making sudden movements that could scare her more, making her to hide and go back to her seclusion, where nobody’s able to reach her. And that’s not what MJ wants, feeling irrationally attracted to Chris and determined to destroy the high walls built around her heart.

The book tells us the story about how this such different women get to know each other, how they learn to trust, specially Chris, and develop a sweet love story where animals are protagonists. Laurie Salzler makes you feel the soft fur of horses, breath the clean air, enjoy the fantastic landscape, as well as live a beautiful story about a woman who didn’t really believes that something so magnificent could happen to her until she met the love of her life.