In a world full of bad news, I firmly think that we need to find a moment of peace, better if it's in a lesbian romance novel!

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Do you have a favourite lesbian fiction book, which you can't stop reading from time to time?

Authors by A to H

Ali Vali, Ann Roberts, Blayne Cooper, Carsen Taite, D Jackson Leigh, Gerri Hill, Gill McKnight...

Authors by I to P

Ingrid Diaz, JAE, Jennifer Fulton, Julir Cannon, KG MacGregor, Kim Baldwin, L J Baker, Lynn Galli...

Authors by Q to Z

Radclyffe, Ronica Black, S X Meagher, T Novan, Tracey Richardson, Trin Denise, V K Powell...

Welcome and thanks for joining me in what is my passion, reading lesbian romance novels. I usually read about 2 or 3 books per week and I want to share them with you so if you're interested in the pro and cons of a determined book, keep reading! What I won't give is the main plot of the book and spoilers because I think that you must read a book if you're interested in it and get surprised with what the author wanted to show you so, I repeat, here you'll find my personal opinion and that doesn't mean that the book is good or bad but if I liked it or not. Of course, feel free to share your opinion with me in "Contacts", telling me if you agree or not with me, if you want to add something or if you'd want me to read an especific book and spare you the dissapointment (or not).